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Your company has grown? And what about your cooling system? In many companies, process cooling is just a piecemeal solution which fulfills its purpose – but is no longer up-to-date in terms of energy- and cost-efficiency. With intelligent total system organization and optimization, you can not only reduce your operating costs, but also make your cooling system more sustainable for the long-term.

The main challenge with this: uncompromising precision and reliability – while still providing maximum energy savings potential. Standard measures usually don’t bring much, as the approach to creating a system that is both energy-efficient and reliable is completely different depending on the range of applications. This challenge can be mastered easily with RIEDEL: Our experienced ESS experts offer advice from concept development to commissioning from a single source – tailored exactly to your individual requirements.

Individual demands? Customised solutions!


We start with a really detailed consultation on-site: Which requirements have to be met and what technical options are available to meet these requirements? The goal is to optimise your plant to create a highly efficient system: for resource-saving operation and lasting reduction in energy costs.

Conception and planning

In a really precise design phase, our ESS experts identify the exact cooling requirements for your processes and develop an individually tailored system solution.
Options range from the use of outside air for direct cooling to new technology like the ultra energy-efficient RIEDEL HybridChiller.

Implementation and installation

The next step is the really individual implementation of your energy-saving system. We work with quali ed suppliers where necessary to deliver the optimal solution. We coordinate all the involved areas on your behalf. This ensures that we can guarantee the perfect pipework and connection technology. An experienced RIEDEL team guarantees optimal commissioning.


RIEDEL also stays at your side in the future: With our really reliable service. In addition to annual maintenance, our monitoring provides for the trouble-free operation of your cooling system. In case of need, our service technicians will be on site in just a few hours. Our hotline is available around the clock to help with any questions or issues.

You really
want to
save energy?

Then give us a call!
Our ESS experts will find out how much savings potential you could unlock from your cooling system.

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